My Favorite Magical Fantasy Series

The first installment of the series was published in 1997 by a virtually unknown author who is now world-famous.  The series has been turned into movies, video games, and tons of toys and merchandise.

The story is about a young boy (“main character”) whose parents were killed shortly after his birth.  At first we don’t know the true story of how his parents were killed, but we later find out that they died valiantly protecting their newborn son in an epic battle between good and evil.  Some of the evil force from that battle was sealed inside the baby boy, leaving him with mark on his body and some mysterious powers.  This would later cause people to both fear and respect him.  We find out much later that there was an important prophecy predicting the birth of the boy and that he would have the potential to defeat the evil facing the magical world.

The main character had a very difficult childhood.  He had no parents to love him and was often abused, and felt very lonely.

Things start to change for the main character when he becomes old enough to attend a school for children with magical abilities.  He makes two new friends, a boy and a girl (“male best friend” and “female best friend”), and they do everything together, including going on lots of adventures throughout the series.  The girl is a far better student than the boys.  Much later in the series, the main character and his male best friend get into a big fight and go separate ways.

There is an evil snake-like villain (“snake villain”), who was once one of the most brilliant students, but when he started pushing the boundaries of magic, he started to use evil forbidden techniques and turned on his former teachers.  His goal is to achieve immortality, which he plans to accomplish by transferring his soul out of his mortal body.  He has a devoted army of loyal followers who refer to him with the title “Lord.”  He is defeated at one point, but he survives by attaching his snake-like body and soul onto one of his disciples.

One of the most exciting events in the series is a big competition where skilled magic-users from the schools of various countries come and compete against each other.  The competition has three stages, which test the abilities and cunning of the students.  However, there is a big plot twist when the evil snake villain hijacks the competition to suit his own ends.

The main character has a masterly sage mentor (“mentor”), who has long white hair and becomes somewhat of a father figure.  He is the one to receive the prophecy and strongly believes that the main character will fulfill it and save the world.  One of the saddest parts of the series is when this mentor is killed by one of his former students.

One of the most heartwarming parts of the series is when the main character gets to meet his parents.  In one of his moments of greatest danger, he is able to finally meet and talk to the spirits of his parents through powerful magic, even though they have long been dead.  His mother has beautiful red hair, but his hair looks more like his father’s.  They tell him how much they love him and how proud they are of him.  With this newfound strength, he is able to face the greatest challenge he will ever have to overcome.

Harry Potter and Naruto by burning-pencil on DeviantArt

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